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​​​The Gulf tire factory which is run by "Omnix International" in Al Ain city is considered one of its kinds in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the field of recycling used tires with a capacity of 120 tons per day. The factory takes used tires and transforms them into a market-friendly and value-friendly products using advanced technology within the highest international standards adopted in several stages such as cutting, grinding, screening, sorting and classification to produce different sizes of rubber granules. The number of tires that have been collected from Al Ain city alone during the past year reached 16,600 tons.

These rubber granules resulting from recycling tires are used in several rubber industries, directly and indirectly. These industries include: rubber flooring, golf artificial turf, sports grounds and children playgrounds, soundproof materials, and are also added to street asphalt mixtures. Production lines work on sorting steel wire through the use of special magnetic devices to use steel in other metal industries.​

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