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​Center Of Waste Management- Terms & Conditions

The Center of Waste Management grants permits to practice the profession of waste management based on: Federal Law No. 24 of 1999 on environment protection & development, Law No. 21 of 2005 on waste management in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Law No. 17 of 2008,regarding the establishment of Center of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi, Resolution of the Executive Committee of General Secretariat of the Executive Council No. 2 (C 24/2009) on the tariff system on waste in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the Board of Directors of Center of Waste Management resolution no. (1) Of 2010 & the peripherals on the imposition of fees on producers and transporters of waste of all types.  

Kindly Read the following Terms of Use carefully before accessing the website: -

The following Terms and conditions apply to the use of websites of the Center of Waste Management, but are not limited to (licensing.tadweer.ae and elicensing.tadweer.ae) and others which are published on the Internet by the CWM.
By accessing and using this Web Site, you indicate that you accept (unconditionally and irrevocably) these terms and conditions.The Center of Waste Management (referred to as "the center") or any other delegated entity prepare and manage this site, and provide services in accordance with the following terms and conditions. The Center or the authorized representative is entitled to change or amend these terms and conditions or any part thereof, or to impose new conditions. These changes, modifications, additions or deletions to take effect immediately after notifying for them through several means, including - for example, but not limited to - publishing on this website.

General Terms and Conditions for using this website  

1 - Registration - electronic services (security and confidentiality)

  • This process includes registration of information (personal information) you provide to complete the transactions and also to contact you. You must accept the principle of our use of your personal information and update in order to deal with the registration process and to control the confidentiality of your identity during the follow-up process to complete services and electronic payments.
  • The information you provide during the registration process is a protected data in accordance with the terms of the Privacy described previously.
  •  Your personal information is part of the records of your dealings with our services. When you use our website, you will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal account and password in addition to blocking access to your PC / computer and you do bear responsibility for all operations that are performed through your personal account using the password.
  • The center does not bear any responsibility towards any loss or damage that may arise due to your failure to protect your password or any other information related to your account profile. Whenever you have suspicions about any transaction in your account, please contact us immediately & notify us.
  • Your consent to use the website and e-services, you agree to receive our e-mails or newsletters or notices and alerts advertised on the Website. So that, you agree implicitly that all electronic transactions sent to you by us is legally binding and shall be treated as linear transactions.
  • We may monitor, record, and save any phone call or email or any other form of electronic communication with you for training purposes in order to check the tips and comments directed to us and to improve and develop the quality of services provided to our customers.

2 - Your use of the Website

Providing information
  •  Some specific boxes on the website may ask to provide information in order to participate in certain features, your decision in this regard is optional, but if you choose not to provide this information, you may not be able to benefit from the different elements of the website.
  • When you provide us with information in any form, you acknowledge and agree to provide only the true, accurate, up-to-date, and completed information on all pages. Nonetheless, it is prohibited to use any other name except of your legal one, or any identity that you do not represent officially. And also agree that we may use the information you provided in accordance with the privacy policy on the website.
  • The facility is subject to a fine of not less than (20000 AED) twenty thousand dirhams in case of submitting any false or misleading data to get a permit or a certificate..

Prohibited activities and security protection of the website (warning)
  • Except the authorized use of this website, you may not copy, modify, display, distribute, transmit, reproduce, republish, create derivative works of any material or content from the site, converting or downloading any information, software or copy, or to provide a code /a program that trumps any material on the website to re-publish all or part of the contents of this site on a (proxy server) or temporary storage files (cache) or any other pattern similar to patterns of storage.
  • You may not copy or revise or amend or re-submit or formulate or reverse or reduce or introduce or change the system and the pattern of the information contained in any page of this site, including – but not limited to - any means of reproduction of web pages.
  • You may not copy or derive or revise, translate or disassemble or reassemble or modify, use or reproduce any code or source code for this website including - but not limited to - any product or service.
  • You shall not cause any show of electronic bulletin (pop-up, pop-under) exit windows, or expansion buttons, or slogans, or advertising, or anything else that reduces or prevents or covers the full width of this website.
  • You may not use any of the following automated tools (deep-link, page-scrape, robot, crawl, index, spider, click spam, macro programs, Internet agent), or any tool, or program, or algorithm, or another automatic methodology doing the same things to use or access to, or copy, or gain information, or make a preliminary impressions, or pressed keys "clicks" or enter information or store them or conduct a research or a surveillance of any part of this web site.
  • You are not entitled to access information that is not customized for you, or to access the Internet server or an account which you are not authorized to use officially.
  • You may not use this website in any way to deplete the resources of its own infrastructure or to cause slowness to the sites or interfere in the normal operations of the website.
  • You may not attempt to explore or examine or test the ability of the system or the network or attempt to penetrate the security system or the levels of protection without being authorized.
  • You may not upload or transmit any material, software, a program, or a file on the website, which could be harmful to the work of any computer or to the operation of this site, including – but not limited to - viruses and distorted files.
  • You are not entitled to hide the origin of the information transmitted from, to, or through the Website. You may not be waffling on any actions taken by the center to prevent the violation of the terms and conditions usage. You may not also violate the restrictions and limitations contained on the Website.
  • You may not simulate for the purpose of Internet Protocol forgery to an IP address or e-mail address or any part of the web address and use that in any e-mail or postcard set. Harmful violations to the system or network security will result in civil and criminal sanctions in most cases.
  • When you use the website for the permitted purposes, you must refer to all notifications of property rights without change or hide.
  •  You may not conduct any action the center would see as a violation of the use of terms and conditions. Thus you agree not to use the system resources of hardware or software or any other way to jam or interfere or even to attempt to interfere with the functioning of the Website or any activity or service provided by the website. The site will investigate activities that may involve such violations and will cooperate with the competent judicial authorities to prosecute and apply the necessary punishment to those involved in such violations.

3 - Intellectual Property​

Copyright and Authoring
  • • All information, contents, services and software displayed or transmitted or used and relevant to the website - including, for example, directories and news articles, opinions, reviews, texts, photos, illustrations and audio clips and videos, and the editor of "html" and the symbol of program stages "source object code", software and data and whatever relevant to them, (together referred to as the "Content") - are the property of us or of companies, licensing authorities, and providing facilities relate to us. You may not use such material except as provided in the terms and conditions of use.

  • • You may use the Content online only for your personal, non-commercial purpose, and you may download or print one copy of any part of the content for your own personal non-commercial use, provided that you do not delete any trademark or the copyright or any other notification contained in the content. Any other use is not permitted.

  • • You may not, for example, republish the content on any Web site, intranet, or extranet, or to put the contents in any database or a "compiler" or archive files or temporary storage "cache". You may not distribute any of the contents to others without our written permission. With regard to all requests for using the content for any purpose other than the permitted, you must submit those requests to the Department of Customer Service and Corporate Communications or whoever designated by them.

  • • Contents include ready slogans "logotypes" and trademarks and service marks (together referred to as the "Marks") which are owned by the center, as well as the tags which are owned by other information providers and third parties. Marks may not be used in any way unless there was a prior written consent by the Center.
  • • Any document published by the Center or a conferred party on this server may include other proprietary notices, or may describe products, services or technologies owned by the center or another party. Accessing any content here does not mean to give the user a license under any copyright, patent or other intellectual property rights belong to the center or any other party.
4 - Contents of the other parties
Links to other parties
  • • The site or other parties may put links to Web sites or other global resources. Since we do not control these sites and resources, you acknowledge and agree that it is not our responsibility for the availability of such external sites or resources, and that we do not support and do not take responsibility for any content or advertising, products or other materials contained in these links or resources. You also acknowledge and agree that we bear no accountability, either directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by, or allegedly arising out of, or relating to the use of or reliance on such Contents, goods and services that are available on those links, resources, or obtained through them. The Center provides those links for your convenience, and to embed them does not mean that the Center supports those sites.
Disclaimer of supporting of sites
  • • The reference to any products, services, processes or transition links to other parties or to any other information by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier, or otherwise, does not necessarily mean that the center support or sponsor or recommend them. Merely, each party bear all the responsibility alone for information related to its products and services.
  • Links and frames of the Center on other sites (Links to, and frames of, the Site)
  • • If you are running a website and want to put a link to the location of the center, you must first obtain an explicit, written consent from the Center, and then you may place the link only to the home page of our website and not to any other page or another subdomain to the Center. Without the written consent from the Center, you may not put a window or use framing techniques that include any signs or materials subject to copyright or other proprietary information (including images, texts, page layouts, or forms) to any portion of the center website, or to include any reference to any relationship between you and our website. You also agree not to disassemble the code or re-assemble or disassemble of any software or other products or processes that allow access to the website of the center. You also agree: not enter any code or product or manipulate the contents of the website in any way that would affect the user; and not to use any means of search for information or a robot or robot cancellation or "spiders" or malicious files, or any other data collecting-method, or to obtain info in regard to the website.
5 - General Disclaimer and limitation of responsibility
  •  • We are exerting all possible efforts to include accurate information on our website, yet we do not present any guarantees regarding the validity of Contents and do not bear any responsibility for any errors or omissions. We do not offer, as well, any assurances that any proper use of Contents will not violate the rights of other parties. Moreover, in some cases, other parties may provide and / or host available contents on the site. We have not reviewed all websites which linked to our website and do not take responsibility for the content of any page or external links from or to other websites. While urging other parties to adhere to the use of terms and conditions of the website, we do not take responsibility for their actions and deeds.
  • • You understand and agree that your use of the website is completely at your own risk. All contents provided through the website are available in the manner they appear. We do not offer, or whomever affiliates to us or any of our partners or our employees or our representatives or content providers or licensors ( collectively referred to as " the Parties" ) guarantees of any kind on the website or the contents available, or the download files, or the results that may be obtained by the use of such services or websites , including – but not limited to - Guarantees relating to website to meet your requirements, or lack of interruptions or appropriate security or error-free , Or that the Website or the server that provides it are both free of viruses or harmful elements or other destructive files.
  • • we disclaim specifically for any explicit or implicit guarantee regarding the website or any content or services or products is offered through it or relate to, including – but not limited to - marketing collateral or suitability for a particular purpose or guarantees of non-infringement of trademark or guarantees of the availability or accuracy or completeness of the information or contents, or downloads, or products, or services available on or through the website.
  • • We do not bear any responsibility for any damages and compensations direct or indirect, whether consequential or incidental, special or punitive compensations, including – but not limited to - compensations associated with any access to/ or unauthorized modification that redirect you to the data, and any errors or omissions in the content even if notified by the possibility of such damages and compensation.
  • Approval of the Monitoring and Disclosure
    • Even if the center or any other empowered party is not obliged to monitor the information on the website or that transmitted to it, anyone uses this website agrees that the center or any authorized party may monitor the contents periodically so as to: (1) compliance with laws, regulations and necessary governmental requests; (2) run the website properly and protect themselves and the users. The center, or any empowered party retains the right to amend, reject or delete any information found on its website or transmitted to it, and believes it unacceptable, or it violates the terms & conditions of use.
  • • In case any user of the information on the website provides the Center with information including – but not limited to - views, data, answers, questions, comments or suggestions, plans, ideas or any similarities to that, this information is considered non- confidential and the center is not obligated to protect these information from disclosure. The submission of such information does not prevent it in any way from purchasing, production or using products, services, plans and similar ideas for any purpose whatsoever. The center is free to reproduce and use of information and distribute it to others without restrictions.
6. Miscellaneous
Laws and implemented jurisdictions
  •  • Notwithstanding the provisions of conflict of laws, these Terms and Conditions subject to, and interpreted in, according to the laws effective in Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the federal laws in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, you agree that you must fill any cause of action or for a claim may occur to you at a court in Abu Dhabi, within two months from the occurrence date which led to the advent of this claim, or you agree to waive the claim.
  • • If the court in Abu Dhabi, for any reason, thinks that the verdict of the usage of terms and conditions is nonnegotiable, then the court rule is implemented to the maximum possible extent so as to give effect to the intention of the center as shown in the judgment while adhering to full implementation of the rest of the terms and conditions usage. Failing to implement or practice any of the Terms and Conditions, or any right related, does not mean to waive out that right or verdict.

  •  • The Center is entitled to change these terms and conditions or any part thereof, or to impose new conditions. The changes will be included where you can see them on the website.
  • • I agree to the terms and conditions contained in the Website of the CWM. I acknowledge being briefed & committed to all terms and conditions stated above, and I pledge that all data provided personal data is correct and I take all responsibility towards that.
Questions and comments
  •  • We hope you enjoy using our website, if you have any question or comment about the terms and conditions of use and / or regarding the website, please contact the center via the communication channels which are described in the website.
  • • Technical questions related to your programs or links should be directed to your Internet access provider. Website https://licensing.tadweer.ae can answer questions about the contents and services offered only.


Terms and Conditions for financial affairs and the usage electronic payment service

1. Details of services and fees

  •  During our perpetual & relentless pursuit to provide accurate and comprehensive information about our services, such as; service availability, fees and requirements, and procedures and technical characteristics, the Center, or the party it represents bear no legal accountability for any typos that may confront us and might lead to erroneous information.
  • The services provided via the website grant the possibility of creating and completing transactions electronically for services provided by the Department of Licenses and tariff of the Center of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi.
  • The Center does not guarantee to provide all services to its customers via the website.
  • The publication of details related to services on the website (including, but not limited to: marketing and advertising bulletins, local newspapers, magazines and small publications) does not mean necessarily that the service is available through the website
  • Some errors may occur during the process of providing the service and during providing detailed information about the fees on the website. The website cannot provide you with fees unilaterally until you fully submit your electronic application
  • In case your application is accepted and has been followed up electronically, the overall fees will be calculated and an invoice (payment authorization) will be issued with the value resulting from completing the procedures. In case of non-issuance of a permit payment within the specified period of time for the service, then you have to review the center through channels of communication described on the website.
  • In case the issued bill for transactions that you have submitted and the fees are incorrect or if the information was incorrect due to an error in the calculation of fees, or due to an error in the availability of information provided, the center shall have the right either to contact you to clarify this error and to show how to deal with it, or to cancel your transaction and notify you of such cancellation.
  • The availability of services, as well as the fees, is subjected to change without prior notice.

2. Payment and reimbursement

  •  The website provides the possibility to pay the required amount through the Internet. All payment transactions, including licensing and financial entitlements must be in UAE Dirhams only.
  • The payment service through the website is available only to customers registered in the electronic services.
  • The payment via the website does not provide the possibility of partial payment of the invoice value or the payment voucher. Combined bills for different transactions cannot be paid altogether and must be treated separately.
  •  Payment via Website May not provide the possibility of payments for combined bills of the same transaction if there are different types of fees.
  • Payment via Website May not provide possibility of reimbursement for certain types of fees in some cases - for example but not limited to, when your presence is a must to make pledges or otherwise.
  • Our payment system via website includes using your credit card: We accept credit cards (Visa or MasterCard only) via secure electronic payment gateway without any extra charges
  • And to ensure the highest standards of secure electronic payment, you can use the s triple protection system which is a certified system by companies Visa and MasterCard companies, that is based on the protection of credit card data and confirm the identity of the holder by adding a PIN number for the credit card used for electronic transactions payments.
  • The triple protection system 3D Secure to provides a PIN number for credit card that you use to buy products and services when shopping "online", therefore each time you make an online payment through the Website, Once you reach the stage where you need to enter your credit card details which is performed before the payment process for the value of reimburse fees incurred by you, you'll see a screen automatically asking you to enter your password. Same as to banks operate on PIN No. of ATM Network. When you enter your PIN number, the designated bank "NBAD" will verify your identity and complete the procurement process while matching information. If you do not enter the correct PIN number, the procurement process will not take effect.
  •  When paying through the website, the customer receives a notification on the screen immediately after acceptance the payment process. We do not bear any responsibility if the payment process has been denied or canceled by the credit card service provider for any reason. You must inquire about the reason of rejection from the service provider of the bank credit card.
  • We do not store your credit card information on the website. All information and details that you enter through the electronic payment gateway is encrypted for the purpose of security protection, circulating correspondence from/ and to the website of the service provider is encrypted as well.
  • We do not provide any payment information that has been performed through the Website to other companies or individual destinations only if requested by an official legal entity. Such information is handled by the financial department of the center.
  • You should make sure your credit card information used for electronic payment services to be valid and in effect and accurate. And you must use a credit card that is legally affiliated with you. Your personal information will not be used or shared by e-services with any third party, except for investigating the legitimacy of the information or upon request by law or legislative entities, or upon request of the Court. The Center will not be responsible in any way for forging credit cards. You bear full responsibility for the use of counterfeit credit cards and will be fully responsible for proving otherwise.
  • Using the electronic payment service via our website is regarded as an implicit consent for your commitment with these conditions. In case you do not agree to any provision of these terms, make sure not to use this service.

3. Shipment and Delivery

  • The center does not currently offer shipping and delivery services of certificates and licenses and any other document issued through transactions related to the center and provided by the customer, whether through service windows or electronically via the website, and you have to go to the special service windows of the Center to receive the approved copies of the official issued documents.
  • documents issued by the services on some centers or service windows related to the Center may not be available, therefore kindly check the service guideline or contact the center through channels of communication described on the website to make sure about the service windows of the Center in order to receive the required documents.

4. Privecy Policy

  • The Website Policies and Terms & Conditions would be changed or updated occasionally to meet the requirements and standards. Therefore the Customers will be notified about these changes as well as the Payment Gateway Provider / NBAD, Such modifications will become effective on the day they are posted, and encourages you to frequently review the Privacy Policy for any modifications.

5. Refund Policy

  • The Center of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi provides electronic payment through its portals and does not refund any fees which has been collected duly.
  • In case of an error occurred during processing your payment (such as making the payment twice), you must submit "Refund Request" application at the main branch of the Centre; and if the error is confirmed, The Centre is committed to refund invalid amount according to the procedures.

Terms and conditions for the issuance of permits and certificates

  • The center bears no responsibility for any delays in delivering the NOC to the client and reserves the right to cancel the NOC if it is not received within one month from the date of issuance
  • The center does not bear any responsibility for the misprinted data contained on the NOC and the customer must review the relevant authorities to confirm the status of the information contained before leaving the center
  • The center, without notice, reserves the right to cancel the licenses or permits granted to the facility when violating the implemented regulations or laws in the emirate, or in terms of violating the requirements or conditions of issuance of permits or licenses.
  • Client may not Edit / Add / or Misuse of the permit since to do so makes the permit / the license null and void by the Center
  • The client must keep a copy of the NOC at the location of the facility site / enterprise.
  • The Center reserves the right to withdraw, cancel, or modify the NOC when any related party ( facility/enterprise) fails to implement the work assigned to it ,or violates the regulations & laws and that failure is proven.
  • the center must be notified in linearly form of any changes concerning the information contained in the application or in the attached documents, and the client must obtain prior approval from the center before the implementation of any modifications (such as location, operations, scope of work ..... etc.).
  • The client must comply with the laws, legislations, & implemented federal and local environmental regulations, and to comply with the center requirements conditions for each stage of construction and operation. When any violation occurs, the Center reserves the right to take appropriate legal action.
  • The client is obligated towards cleaning and preserving the environment at the project site / property, including providing necessary equipment and means, also the vital arrangements to control & manage the hazardous and non-hazardous wastes as required by the Special Conditions of the NOC.
  • The client must adhere to remove any contamination and assume the entire clean-up costs and any other environmental damage caused by accidents or pollution generated practicing all activities associated with the NOC.
  •  Commitment to entrust the work of waste management (such as waste collection & transportation, waste trading, cleaning and pest control) to parties who are accredited by the center, with the necessity of having a copy of the permit to practice the profession granted to them by the Center.
  •  Providing the EHS requirements in practicing all activities, including emergency plan that is compatible with the General Directorate of Civil Defense, requirements of the Center, and the system of environmental health and safety management of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and to inform the center in case of environmental accidents.
  • Compliance with laws and legislations of the requirements of projects and facilities that affect the environment.
  • Commitment to facilitate and secure the entry of center staff assigned to their inspection tasks and law enforcement officers to the site of the facility at any time and without notice in order to ensure compliance with the laws and conditions of NOC through inspection and examination of the records and to collect samples or other such methods.
  • 1. General guidelines:
    • The client must apply the system of EHS management based on guidance of the regulatory authority for the sector concerned and in accordance with the requirements of the "system of environmental management and health and safety of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi"
    • • In case there is harm to sources of fish or wildlife or herbs due to construction operations at the site, the contractor is responsible for taking appropriate action to correct the situation immediately even if it requires to stop operations.
    • • The client is responsible for the removal of any contamination and to restore the site to the way it was, and bears the full cost of cleaning and other environmental damage caused by accidents or pollution generated from the practice of activity.
    • • the facility is committed to reduce waste production by 20% during the 12 months from the date of certificate of no objection (NOC) issued by the Center in order to avoid double charges on non-committed facility.
    2- Terms Relative to the Protection of Environment
    Special conditions of construction of projects

    •  In case of detection of groundwater during construction, it must be reported to the center and thus preventing the disposal at sea or any other watery surface before the center is being notified and approve on the disposal process.
    •  The center must be provided with all reports on the application of waste management plan for the project or facility before the start of implementation, during it, and until the expiry date of the license or the project.
    Special conditions of liquid and solid wastes
    • • The disposal of solid & liquid waste in landfills of municipality or public sewage system is strictly prohibited, and must be dealt with and disposed of by an accredited party of the center.
    • • Any effluents generated by operations (treated or untreated) must not be discharged to the marine environment or wildlife.
    • • Comply with Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company standards of drainage and obtain the necessary approvals from the concerned authorities in case of discharge of liquid wastes to the sewerage network.
    • • In case of any environmental contamination spill of fuel or harmful chemicals, the center must be notified linearly, and the facility must work to clean up fuel, oil and chemical spills and remove the oil contaminated soil and waste by one of the accredited providers for environmental services (ESPs) by the center.
    • • Commitment to the technical specifications, and obtaining the necessary approvals from the concerned authorities regarding the storage basins to ensure the protection of soil and groundwater.
    3 Terms of safety
    • • Storing chemicals and fuel in suitable storage areas (in terms of ventilation and temperature) and separate them according to the nature of the material.
    • • Taking precautions of safety, security, and fire resistance, particularly in the stores of fuel and chemicals that abide by the terms of the Center of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi and the EHSMS of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the General Directorate of Civil Defense.
    • • The welding area must be a fire-resistant, and that must cover the floors and surrounding walls with fire-resistant materials (using asbestos is prohibited).
    • • Getting rid of any combustible materials and contaminated paint in a metal pot with a metal lid and dump the bowl regularly.
    • • Providing necessary professional safety equipment, protective clothing and shoes, earmuffs, and eye masks for mouth and nose. And guidance signboards should be placed properly in any area that requires.
    • • Training all employees to deal with the optimum processes in normal and emergency situations, and to put appropriate safety signs that contain evacuation procedures in case of accidents, in addition to phone numbers of Civil Defense, and the direct supervisor and the on-site safety officer.
    • • Temporary buildings or caravans workers must be diverged, including at least 6 meters between them, and 4 meters between the parties, and 3 meters from the nearest road, and at least 0.75 meters width of walkways.
    • • Windows and doors must be designed to resist fire for 30 minutes at least, and that the number of doors and their breadth are enough to evacuate in two minutes and a half at the most.
    • • Equip buildings with fire-fighting systems according to the requirements of civil defense.
    • • To comply with all rules, regulations and requirements issued by the Abu Dhabi Environment, Health and Safety.
    • The Center of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi – will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased any credit/debit cards details or information to any third parties.
      You can pay to the provided services by Credit Cards/Debit Cards (VISA & MasterCard) and all payments will be in the Emirate Dirham.

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