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1. Personal information and data

1.1 The Client acknowledges that providing the center with the personal information and data is considered as an approval by him on the processing and use of such information & data by the center, as stated in the Privacy Policy.

The center – for example but not limited to- collect the following personal information & data:

  •   Client name and his/her mail & email address.
  •   Date of Birth.
  •   His/her mobile phone number and fax.
  •   Any additional information collected during his/her registration and / or scanning.


2. Using the collected data

2.1 The center will - for example but not limited to - use the data for the following purposes:

  •   To develop the website and services.
  •   To do transactions needed by the client and to collect the payable amounts.
  •   To evaluate and analyze data for the purposes of developing and improving the services provided by the center.
  •   To provide services aim to meet needs of the user.
  •   To contact the user to provide information or to inquire about technical issues.


2.2 The center will store the personal information in any location it deems appropriate, by using the website, the user acknowledges that the Center may store or process the information transfer to anywhere it deems appropriate.


3. The user acknowledges and undertakes the following:

  •   All information and data provided by him/her are true, accurate and complete.
  •   All data and information provided by him/her are publishable for the purposes of providing the service, and that under this point, the user undertakes to protect the center and bears full responsibility for any direct or indirect damages that may result from failing to observe this item.
  •   To grant the center with the right to use the submitted information and data in any services provided by the center, there will be a selection of information that will be disclosed to any third party so that this information is specialized only certain targets, other parties will also be informed of the confidentiality of this information.


4. Data security

  •   The center is making an effort to protect the information and services provided; the user acknowledges use of the website and messaging through it as the internet is unsafe & could allow other parties to obtain some information illegally.
  •   The user acknowledges and undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the password - if available - and not divulged under any circumstances to a third party and the user must make sure of leaving the website in case of using more than one person to the same device.
  •   Monitor and save e-mails or any correspondence of data by the user in order to maintain data security and prevent any illegal use of the website and for the purposes of quality control and work improvement as part of the legal limits granted to the center within the existing legislation. .
  •   The Center of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi – will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased any credit/debit cards details or information to any third parties.

  •  You can pay to the provided services by Credit Cards/Debit Cards (VISA & MasterCard) and all payments will be in the Emirate Dirham.


5. Compensation

  •   The user acknowledges of not being entitled in any way to any compensation if he/she wishes not to agree or commit with the privacy policy or in case of being dissatisfied with the website. And if he/she does not accept any part or any services provided through the website, he is strongly advised to discontinue using it. ​​​​​​​​​​

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