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When did application of the second phase of tariff system on waste producers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi start?

The second phase of tariff system on waste producers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi started on 16.03.2013.​​

What is the tariff on waste producers?

Tariff on waste is one of the universally adopted methods that aim to reduce the volume of waste production and to encourage waste reduction at source, in order to preserve the environment of Abu Dhabi Emirate from the increased negative impact of waste production, and for the purpose of achieving a sustainable Abu Dhabi for future generations, Tadweer (Center of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi) has adopted the imposition of tariff on all waste producers in the emirate (commercial, industrial facilities, tourist and craft ... etc.). Accordingly, any facility operates in Emirate of Abu Dhabi, must obtain an NOC issued by Tadweer (Center of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi) for licensing, and pay tariff on waste by estimating the volume of waste production of the facility which equivalent to 225 AED for each ton of waste per year.

Which groups are targeted by the imposed tariff system on producers of waste?

All facilities of all types (commercial, industrial, professional, craft and construction ... etc.) government, semi-government, and private facilities operating in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain city and the Western Region.

Has the center begun to apply the decision of imposing tariff on waste producers?

Starting from16/3/2011.Tadweer, (Center of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi) – has started to impose tariff system on waste producers in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development - Abu Dhabi.

We are a waste producing facility; we have a contract with another facility to recycle our generated waste, we pay a large sum for it, why should we pay a tariff fee to the CWM? Is it considered duplicate fees?

each Facility is responsible for the approaches it uses to handle the waste generated in a way that does not harm the environment, the facility must take all measures to ensure the proper handling of waste, and to ensure safe transportation of waste to the locations licensed and allocated by Tadweer, or to the treatment plants, while the tariff system is intended to encourage the facility to reduce its production of waste ​

What are the objectives of the second phase of application of tariff system on waste producers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi?

The system aims to apply the best environmental practices and proper handling of waste and reduce waste production, as waste facilities which produced more than 250 tons, should reduce their waste production by 20% annually. ​

What are the objectives of the licensing program at the Center Of Waste Management?

The Licensing program aims to:• Reduce the amount of waste produced and disposed of in a safe manner that would not pose any harm to the environment .• Encourage all facilities in various fields (commercial, industrial, professional, construction ... etc.), to handle their waste production as a source and as economic revenue.• Bring in foreign investments and create more economic opportunities and investment in the fields of waste management.• Contribute actively in the provision of raw materials for a number of industries, so as to ensure its survival and continuity for a full course.• Support the national economy and the national revenue. • Raise the environmental awareness among the targeted facilities by focusing on education and awareness programs aimed to highlight their role in creating a healthy environment for waste management• Generate new activities for waste management services such as waste segregation at source.• raise the level of environmental services in the emirate for the purposes of development and sustainable environment.• Create an accurate database for the quantity and type of waste.• Reduce the acreage allocated as waste landfills.• Preserve the environment by treating the recyclable materials instead of burying them.• Preserve the environment by forbidding the illegal dumping of waste.

What are the payment methods for tariff?

The resulting payments arising upon facility shall be paid through a payment voucher t issued after submitting the transaction, the payment is either in cash when paid through the main branches of the Center Of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi, or by depositing the amount in the special account of Tadweer (Center of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi) at any of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi branches, or by a certified check (Manager's Check). ​

How do we know the licensed facilities by the Tadweer which have a permit to practice the activities of environmental services providers (ESPs)?

​It can be obtained by visiting the Website, which includes a list of facilities with licensed permit to practice the profession and accredited by Tadweer (the CWM), this list is updated automatically according to the type of permit and expiry date.

Are all facilities entitled to practice the activities of ESPs in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi?

​Any facility is entitled to practice activities related to the ESPs services only after obtaining a permit for practicing the profession, issued by Tadweer (Center of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi).
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