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"Tadweer" is working on the treatment of agricultural residues and organic waste coming from waste treatment plants, noting that green waste is of great economic value if used in sound means where it can be recycled, to produce organic fertilizer that can contribute to the overall agricultural boom seen in the country. 

"Tadweer" owns four factories in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi for recycling green waste that can be fermented and is free of impurities, which is used to produce organic fertilizer without unpleasant odors that improves soil quality and increases fertility, with a capacity of 700 tons per day for all four plants. The Abu Dhabi factory comes on top of these plants in terms of prod​uctivity in areas (al-Mafraq, Al-Khatim, Liwa) which is managed by "Sidira Fertilizer Factory" in Abu Dhabi, and then Al Ain Fertilizer Factory, which took over the management of Emirates Environmental Technology. These factories contribute in the implementation of waste management strategy in terms of reducing waste transferred to landfills, in addition to securing financial return to the center by selling fertilizers.

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