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In line with Abu Dhabi Emirate Vision 2030, and in order to achieve Tadweer strategic goals in terms of using the best ways of technology within the highest international standards to achieve sustainability and integrated waste management, Tadweer has launched the E-Manifest System “BOLISATY” which aims to transform the paper Manifest to electronic system 
“BOLISATY” system considered as one of the unique smart systems in the region which contribute to build an integrated waste database in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including waste producers, environmental service providers as well as the treatment facilities and the final waste disposal sites.

BOLISATY Goals & Objectives

​         •Create an integrated electronic database that will enable all stakeholders to make decisions on waste management (WPs, ESPs, waste receiving facilities).
         •Enter contracts information in an electronic system, making it easier for all concerned parties to follow up.
         •Transporters can navigate to waste producer collection points defined by waste producer in the system.
         •Provide an electronic manifests and dispensing the paper one.
         •Avoid the burden of submitting approved copies of paper Manifest to the WPs& Tadweer and accordingly reduce operational cost.
        • Ensure the provision and compatibility of waste data for all Parties.
         •Ensure proper and safe waste disposal through trip tracking feature.
         •Reduce the waste production volume through identification of the actual weight for each type of waste.
         •​Raising work efficiency for the concerned ESPs through accurate assigning to the waste collection (Drivers/Vehicles) & the possibility to follow up  through the system
         •​Provide all the data and reports easily and at any time.


Action Steps in the BOLISATY system

​It requires all parties to pre-register at the electronic services to obtain a user name and password as a condition to use the system and then to follow the following steps:

A. Identification steps:

     1. Create the waste profile by identifying types of produced waste and its production sites.
     2. Set contracts for the identified waste types (all parties should electronically approve contracts).

B. operational steps:

      1. Waste producer shall create an electronic request for waste collection; the ESP will be notified through the communication channels available on the system
      2. Transporter assigns the collection request to a specific driver and vehicle as per the waste type (s).
      3. Driver will transport the waste according to the manifest information (source, waste type, time, the disposal site)
      4. The operator for the permitted waste receiving facility shall confirm receiving of waste and confirm received waste quantity.
      5. Waste producer will confirm the received quantity to complete the manifest cycle

Updated on the BOLISATY system 20-11-2017

E-Manifest (BOLISATY) system updated recently as following, at the time of vehicles working on waste transportation reaches to waste designated facilities those manifests having status Collected within the last 48 hours will appears automatically for facilities users in their portal when they search for the vehicle plate number therefore they will not ask for printed manifest neither e-Manifest version available in drivers portal. 

Manifest status updated to Collected either by​ waste producers through BOLISATY system or by the driver through their portal, in order to make sure manifest status is always updated to collected a new feature added to system where waste producer can delegate the mission of update manifest to collected to transporter on the active contract level as well as ability to cancel delegation.

Note: Please make sure to update the manifest status to Collected once the waste is being shipped by the transporter unless you delegated the transporter to do so on behalf of you based on the active contract in BOLISATY system.

The driver and controller’s application to access Bolisaty system 


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